Endowment Funds

Endowment funds provide benefits in perpetuity as assets generated by these permanent gifts continue to grow and provide grant funding for current and future generations' needs. An endowed fund is a permanent fund where the principal is invested and grants are made through interest, dividends and gains.

Whether you want to organize and focus your giving to specific causes or support the general health and wellbeing of our communities, an endowed fund is a perfect way to meet your philanthropic goals.

Donors and nonprofit organizations can create an endowment fund to protect charitable dollars and provide a stable, predictable source of income for the organization.

When you choose to establish a charitable fund at the Foundation, you maximize the impact of your giving; receive expert advice; reduce paperwork; and enjoy solid returns on your charitable investments.  You also become part of a growing and engaged community of philanthropy.

How the Foundation benefits you as a partner in philanthropy.

Create your own fund at the Foundation.

Your Contacts for Endowment Funds

Gabriela Gómez
Vice President for Advancement

(505) 988-9715 x 7006

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