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Welcome to the Santa Fe Community Foundation

The Santa Fe Community Foundation helps donors plan and carry out their giving in Santa Fe and beyond. We improve the quality of life in Northern New Mexico by building and managing charitable funds established by individuals, families, groups, organizations, and institutions. We make grants from these funds that both anticipate and respond to community need. We also provide technical assistance, convening, and grantmaking services to family foundations.

Our mission is to ensure that philanthropy and nonprofit service are effective in supporting healthy and vital communities. Working in partnership with other foundations, public agencies, and the business sector, the SFCF brings the voice of philanthropic leadership to critical civic issues.

Why choose the Santa Fe Community Foundation?

As a philanthropic leader, we use our knowledge, creative partnerships, and resources to help you make the best possible impact with your gifts.

By working with the SFCF, you will learn about community needs and identify philanthropic opportunities. We will help you develop a giving plan that achieves your philanthropic goals in an administratively uncomplicated, yet intellectually and emotionally satisfying way. By making it easy to give and by inspiring others to do the same, we will grow the region’s philanthropic capital— a vital resource for sustainable change.

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Gabriela Gómez
Vice President for Advancement

(505) 988-9715 x 7006

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