Special Funds of the Foundation

The following special funds were set up by the Santa Fe Community Foundation for broad community support, or by individuals for very specific purposes (see below).  Anyone may donate to these funds.  Applications to the funds with specific purposes depend on the particular criteria defined in each fund’s description.  The broader funds started by SFCF – the Circle of Care Funds, Community Care Fund and the Community Leadership Fund – are used by the Foundation to supplement grantmaking, provide technical assistance support to area nonprofits, and to add to our donor education programming.

Artist Medical Fund

The Artists’ Medical Fund was founded in 1998 by a group of Santa Fe individuals who were concerned about the problems encountered by professional artists who are uninsured, and thus, liable to serious financial difficulties in the case of medical emergencies. The Fund can distribute funds to pharmacies, hospitals, and health care providers but not to individuals. Assistance ranges up to $2,000 and varies depending on the applicant’s circumstances.

Athena Fund

The Athena Fund assists individuals (of low or moderate income) with veterinarian expenses related to cancer care for their pet (including chemotherapy, radiation treatment, pain management and supportive care).  The cap per applying individual is $1,000. Individuals may apply from anywhere in New Mexico.

The scope of the Athena Fund has been expanded to include “Supportive Pet Care for Seniors”. We know that as a person ages, taking care of their beloved pets can become quite the challenge. “Supportive Pet Care for Seniors” will help seniors pay for veterinary services, and will also allow them to be assisted in the day-to-day care of their pet (i.e., bathing, grooming, walking, transportation for vet appointments, etc.). In doing so, we hope to encourage healthy pets and responsible ownership.

Circle of Care for Health and Human Services

The Circle of Care for Health and Human Services was founded by 100 members who each made a gift of $10,000 to create a permanent endowment.  The Fund now exceeds $1.5 million.  The income earned from investments is used to make grants to nonprofits that the Foundation selects in the fields of Health and Human Services. The original goal of 100 members has been exceeded, and donations are still being accepted.

Circle of Care for the Arts

Modeled after the Foundation's successful Circle of Care for Health and Human Services, the Circle of Care for the Arts is an endowment with gifts accruing to the principle of the Fund, which will never be spent. The income earned from investments is used to make grants to nonprofits that the Foundation selects in the field of Arts.  This Circle is still open to new members and accepts donations.

Currier Scholarship

The Michael S. Currier Scholarship Fund was established at the Santa Fe Community Foundation in 2000 to honor the memory of Michael S. Currier. This Fund provides renewable scholarships to low-income students from northern New Mexico pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited institution. Students should demonstrate exceptional talent, innovative thinking and/or creativity in a specific field of study. Scholarships are paid to the educational institution in the student’s name to subsidize the costs of tuition, fees, books, and educational-related expenses.  For application and guidelines, please click here.

Empty Stocking Fund

The Empty Stocking Fund is a cooperative program between The Santa Fe New Mexican, the Santa Fe Community Foundation, Presbyterian Medical Services, the Salvation Army, Life Link, and First National Bank. Every day, from Thanksgiving through the end of the year, stories of individuals seeking temporary, emergency assistance from The Empty Stocking Fund are reported in The Santa Fe New Mexican. Tax deductible gifts to The Empty Stocking fund provide direct support to individuals and families in our local communities. Click here to learn more about the application process and ways to donate.

Fund for Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The Santa Fe Community Foundation, in collaboration with the City of Santa Fe, have established the Fund for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. The Fund was created in response to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis in our state, especially along the border with Mexico. As New Mexico is a State of deep compassion and rich diversity, as well as strong historical ties to Mexico and other Latin American nations, we believe that whatever the cause of the crises, all people of good will can agree that basic human morality and respect for human rights demands a compassionate response.

The Fund for Refugees and Asylum Seekers will support a diverse array of responses to address crises in Afghanistan, Ukraine, and elsewhere. This includes but is not limited to: 1) transportation for affected persons toward permanent housing and/or settlement; 2) basic services for affected populations; and 3) legal advice and representation of affected populations.

The Fund will only provide support to registered nonprofit organizations serving the affected populations in the state of New Mexico. Individuals are not eligible to receive direct support.

Max & Tucker Fund

Established by a single donor, the Max and Tucker Donor Advised Fund assists individuals of low or moderate income over age 60 with veterinarian expenses for their companion dog. The Fund is for canines receiving treatment for a curable condition. Grants are generally in the amount of $500 or less, based on need and availability of funds. Donations to this Fund are always welcomed.

Nonprofit Merger Fund

Through the establishment of the Merger Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation will offer help to eligible nonprofits engaged in merger conversations. We believe that there are circumstances where the community will be better served by nonprofits combining work, creating efficiencies and focusing on improved service delivery.  Exploring, vetting, facilitating and finalizing a merger is bold undertaking for any nonprofit board. Click here for full details. 


Your Contact for Special Funds

Diane Hamamoto
Director of Grants & Community Impact

(505) 988-9715 x 7008