Getting Started: How to Give - Important Questions to Answer

1. Where do I start?

You can call or email members of the philanthropic planning team, who are also available to meet with you along with your financial planner, estate attorney, CPA, or other financial advisor.

2. What are my goals?

The staff at the Foundation can help you identify what you want to accomplish through your philanthropy. For example, you might want to support an issue or cause that has deep meaning for you, or you might want to develop a plan that introduces your children to charitable giving.

3. When will I give?

You might choose to start giving immediately, you may want to establish a fund, or you may want to incorporate charitable giving into your estate plans. The Foundation offers the tools and expertise to help you decide what you want to do and when you want to do it.

4. What will I give?

You can make gifts of cash, securities, real estate or other tangible assets and plan for the future with gifts through a bequest, annuity or trust. We can help you identify the gift vehicles that meet your financial needs and philanthropic goals. You can set up a fund to support issue(s) that matter to you. You can also contribute a wide variety of assets into a charitable fund at the Foundation, which then become available for grants that you can recommend anywhere in the world. Read more…

5. What do I want to support?

Your gifts can support the programmatic work of the Santa Fe Community Foundation and increase our grantmaking capacity in the areas of Cultural Vibrancy, Economic Security & Opportunities, Educational Success & Career Pathways, Sustainable Agriculture & Stewardship of Resources, and Health & Wellbeing. You can choose to set up a fund to support issues and organizations that are important to you. The Foundation staff will help you make the most of your giving. Read more…

Your Contact for Getting Started

Gabriela Gómez
Vice President for Advancement

(505) 988-9715 x 7006

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