Financial Alliance

For Investment Managers

Now your client can create a Donor Advised Fund with the Santa Fe Community Foundation and retain your services as their personal and trusted Investment Manager. The Santa Fe Community Foundation has developed a vehicle that allows the donor to create their own Fund while continuing to rely on your financial expertise.

Creating a Donor Advised Fund is similar to the establishment of a family foundation, but with significant tax advantages. The Foundation assumes the administrative tasks such as issuing checks, providing accounting functions, offering philanthropic consulting and assuring the reporting of state and federal tax requirements. Your client simply designates you as their professional investment manager, and the Community Foundation will work out the details. The donor will receive an immediate tax benefit when the gift is made in addition to being able to recommend how the funds will be dispersed in the ensuing years.

You maintain your existing relationship with your client while they enjoy the benefits of creating a Donor Advised Fund of at least $1m.

Benefits to you as the advisor:

  • Maintenance of client relationships.
  • Opportunity to grow client portfolio for mutual benefit.
  • Rewards of directing client to highly credible organization with skills and knowledge of the community.
  • Exposure to ideas that will help benefit other client relationships.
  • Mutual relationship developed with the community foundation.

Benefits to the Donor:

  • Experience maximum tax advantages from appreciated assets.
  • Positively influence your community's quality of life through targeted contributions.
  • Create a cost effective personal legacy as an alternative to the administrative burdens and restrictions of a private foundation.
  • Tailor a gift that links your passions and interests to those of the community coupled with highly personalized service.
  • Create an endowment that allows funding beyond your lifetime.
  • Teach community responsibility to other family members through sharing charitable values and inclusive decision-making.
  • Work with our professional staff who have broad expertise regarding the community and its needs.
  • Create an alliance with a professional advisor and the Foundation offering highly effective approaches to charitable giving, including utilization of a wide variety of assets and facilitation of complex forms of giving.